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about-us-sml.pngWelcome to  the NZ home of Australian Eucalyptus Oil and Bygum Natural Products.

I’m Mikala, this is my husband Pete and our beautiful baby daughter, together we are proud to bring you this amazing range of natural cleaning, freshening and sanitising products for use in every Kiwi home that wants to be healthier by using less chemicals and minimizing the usage of any cleaning products in the home environment.

Our products are amazingly strong so you use very little. They have a beautiful natural aroma and are made “as natural as they can be” while providing exceptional cleaning, sanitising and freshening results without using harsh or toxic chemicals. These are the only products we use in our home and hope that you will join us in saying yes to nature and NO! to chemicals in your home – that’s the future we want for our family.

Please email or contact us if you have any questions or come and see us at a market if you can, to see and smell these wonderful products for yourself and allow us to explain how to get the most from them.

Market times:

Titirangi Market - last Sunday of each month Feb - November. 10am till 2pm.
Coastville Market - first Sunday of every month. 10am till 2pm.
For more details check out our facebook page 



The Australian Eucalyptus Oil Company is a wholly owned Australian family company that specialises in the production of Australian Blue Mallee Eucalyptus Oil for supply to Australian industry and consumers.

Our head office and operations are in Arnold, Victoria where the company has farmed Eucalyptus for almost 120 years and we are proud of our heritage.

Our Eucalyptus Oil can be purchased on line in a variety of sizes to suit trade and commercial customers as well as individual consumers.

All of the eucalyptus Oil that we supply is produced in an environmentally sustainable manner from exclusive harvesting areas that we have produced Eucalyptus Oil from for over 100 years


Bygum “Blue Mallee” Eucalyptus Oil is produced from EUCALYPTUS POLYBRACTEA which is a dwarf variety of the Eucalyptus species and has only been found to grow naturally in two locations in Australia.

One of these locations is in the general “Goldfields” area of North West Victoria where our harvesting and distillery is located.

Eucalyptus Polybractea is known locally and by Australian Producers as “Blue Mallee” in reference to the Glaucous Bluey – grey / Bluey-green colour of the leaves.

While there are hundreds of different varieties of Eucalyptus growing naturally in Australia only a very small number can be used to produce medicinal quality Eucalyptus Oil and of these EUCALYPTUS POLYBRACTEAor “Blue Mallee” is recognised as producing the Highest Quality Medicinal Eucalyptus Oil known.

In addition to its high quality for medicinal use “Blue Mallee” is highly valued and sought after for its very Strong and Long Lasting Odour which make it ideal for cleaning and freshening in the home.

If you have never used Pure Blue Mallee Eucalyptus Oil you will be astounded by the strength of the Oil and the difference it makes to any cleaning / freshening tasks you normally use Eucalyptus Oil for.

Brands of Eucalyptus Oil that you find in the supermarkets or pharmacies mostly contain imported oil derived from E. Globulus. It is much weaker in odour and the fragrance does not last very long when used.

We know of no brand in either supermarkets or pharmacy that has more than a few percent of Genuine Australian Blue Mallee Eucalyptus Oil in their product.

Try Our Logic Test and See For Yourself

If you add even 10% of our Bygum Blue Mallee Eucalyptus Oil to the one you buy from the supermarket you will immediately notice the stronger and longer lasting fragrance

We challenge any brand of Eucalyptus Oil being sold at retail level to declare exactly how much Australian Produced Eucalyptus Oil is actually in the product they are selling

You simply cannot avoid the fact that the Eucalyptus Oil sold in Supermarkets or Pharmacies is either mostly imported oil or fully imported oil!

If you want to know what real Australian “Blue Mallee” Eucalyptus Oil smells like and experience how much more effective it is for cleaning and freshening, buy a bottle of Bygum Eucalyptus Oil –

We promise you will be amazed at its superior performance


“Bygum Eucalyptus Oil is the strongest eucalyptus oil money can buy or we double your money back”

That’s right! We Will Double Your Money back!

That’s how confident we are in the strength of our 100% Pure Australian Bygum “Blue Mallee Eucalyptus Oil” that has come from our distillery and has not been altered in any way – it is exactly as nature intended and the strongest eucalyptus oil money can buy!

I Repeat – we will double your money back! if you can find a stronger pure eucalyptus oil available for sale from a retailer anywhere in Australia.

If you believe you have purchased a stronger eucalyptus oil than ours all you need to do is send me an email at and provide the details of the purchase.

You will need to be able to provide the receipt , date of purchase , the bottle of eucalyptus oil in question and the company’s MSDS which should be readily obtainable.

You can buy our eucalyptus oil in complete confidence knowing this is the strongest and purest eucalyptus oil available in the entire world – We guarantee it

We also make this unconditional offer to all of our customers who purchase Bygum 100% Australian “ Blue Mallee Eucalyptus Oil” on all purchases below 1 litre.

If you are not completely satisfied with the performance of our Bygum “Blue Mallee” Australian Eucalyptus Oil you can return it to us for a full refund.

Buy our Eucalyptus oil in complete confidence – we guarantee it!


Modern history of Eucalyptus Oil production began in Australia in 1788 with the arrival of the first fleet and the commencement of the colonisation of Australia by the British and then British/European settlers.

The first recorded commercial production of Eucalyptus Oil began is 1852 when Joseph Bosisto commenced operations in the Dandenong Creek areasouth east of Melbourne near the Dandenong ranges.

The oil became known for its medicinal properties at a time when there were few other options available, and found a ready market in the primitive but growing new colony as well as finding demand in world markets.

Our family first commenced the production of Eucalyptus Oil in the Arnold Area in central west Victoria in 1895.

My family was granted a licence by the then Government of Victoria to operate a Eucalyptus Oil Distillery.

The work was hard and laborious and due to the “stew pot” method employed the production was quite small.

None the less there was enough Eucalyptus Oil produced to warrant travelling by rail to Melbourne several times year with the Oil for selling to others.

Throughout the years the Eucalyptus Oil industry in Australia has had its share of hard times – shortages of labour during the war years, the rise of overseas plantations producing oil from inferior varieties at much lower cost, and the low price of eucalyptus oil in the market.

Despite this our family has been a producer of “Blue Mallee” Eucalyptus Oil since 1895 and we can arguably claim to be the oldest surviving family owned producer of Australian Eucalyptus Oil.

I am now the fourth generation of our family to proudly continue our family’s direct involvement the Australian Eucalyptus Oil Industry.

Since those very early days our distillery and harvesting methods have undergone significant change and we have experienced and experimented with all of the different production methods developed over the years.

Today we run a modern harvesting and distillery operation that is as efficient as any other that we know of and we are continuously evolving.

Under my leadership our family remains committed to the Eucalyptus Oil industry in Australia and the production of the highest quality Eucalyptus Oil ever discovered.


If we don’t look after the bush – the bush won’t look after us
- Anne McKean 1895

The Australian Eucalyptus Oil Company operates in an environmentally sustainable and responsible manner and in accordance with all acts and regulations applicable to the production of eucalyptus oil in Australia.

The production of Bygum Blue Mallee Eucalyptus Oil does not harm the eucalyptus plant in any way as only the branchlets and leaves are cut, leaving the plant to regrow and be ready for cutting again within 2 years.

The Eucalyptus plants cut by The Australian Eucalyptus Oil Company have been cut for the production of eucalyptus Oil for almost 120 years without harm.

When cut, the areas provide an excellent firebreak and refuge for native animals as well as helping regenerate local flora.

The plants grow in a completely natural environment without any form of intervention.

There are no pesticides, herbicides, fertilisers, other chemicals or irrigation used.


Our Vision:

  • To ensure that this unique and wonderful Eucalyptus Oil Industry in Australia continues to prosper and grow so that our children will have the opportunity to participate and ultimately pass the business and the custodianship on to their children.
  • To ensure that Australian Eucalyptus Oil continues to be produced in this wonderful and great land of ours and is recognised as the world’s best/ finest Eucalyptus Oil.
  • To ensure that the heritage of the Australian Eucalyptus Industry is not forgotten.
  • To ensure that the areas harvested are managed in a sustainable way and that areas of land remain protected for the production of Eucalyptus Oil into the future.
  • That New Zealand consumers will recognise the superior quality of Australian “Blue Mallee” Eucalyptus Oil and benefit from its amazing qualities.